Party Policies

The following statement covers policies and procedures for renting party and special event items from Taylor Rental.


 For All Orders

-Pricing on most party items, unless otherwise specified, is by the event NOT by the day.  Please keep this in mind when comparing pricing.

-Security, cleaning, and or reservation deposits may be required.

-Cash, check and credit/debit cards are accepted, please ask for exact detail on payment terms and policies.

-All identification and forms of payment must be in the name of the person either picking the items up, or physically present for payment.  No third party payment methods will be accepted.

-No refund will be issued on unused rental items.

          -Must be rinsed clean and Returned to Racks or an additional $.05 per item charge will be imposed on all glasses rented.

          -Must be rinsed Clean and Returned to Crates or an additional $.10 charge per item will be imposed on all plates rented.

          -Must be rinsed clean or an additional $.05 per item charge will be imposed on all flatware rented.

          -We ask that all linens be returned shaken food and debris free.  DO NOT store soiled linens in closed plastic bags.  You will be charged replacement cost for any burned/wax covered, missing or damaged cloths.  Please note than any special order cloths must be prepaid, and the order can not be changed after the date indicated on your contract to allow for transit time.

Chairs and Tables
          -Tables and chairs must be kept dry at all times, including during transportation.  There is a 50% surcharge on all items if they are returned wet.  To protect the chairs and ease your loading, Our samsonite folding chairs are designed to be interlocked and stacked with the top of seat facing down.    White Party Chairs must be returned to their bags for transit or pick up.  Please return them to the bag top first, feet out.

Grills, Serving, or Cooking items
        -All items must be returned clean, scraped and brushed free of food and grease to receive a refund on your cleaning deposit.

Do It Yourself Tent Orders
          -Please read the supplement sheet provided with your rental which outlines your responsibility with this rental.  A $60 security deposit is taken on all orders, which will be returned if those policies are met.  Note that Cooking is not allowed underneath or within 50′ of tenting.  No items may be hung from or placed on the tent.  Dyes from many paper items, decorations, or even flowers can stain the material that the canvas is made out of.  Tents must be returned dry, clean, in the bags, and with all the parts and by the time noted on your contract for the return of your deposit.

For Picked Up Orders

-All identification and forms of payment must be in the name of the person picking the items up

-Weekend orders can be picked up any time Friday and onward during store hours.  Returns can only be made during store hours and are due back to Taylor Rental by 4:00 on Monday, unless otherwise arraigned.  Your rental price is for the weekend as outlined.

Please remember when you come:
-Bring straps to tie down the load, and tarps if needed due to weather conditions.  You are responsible for securing your load.  Bungee type straps generally do not work well for properly securing heavy items.  We do have straps and tarps for purchase if needed.
-Some event rental items are large and will not fit in every vehicle.  Be conscious of your vehicle size regarding what and how much you are picking up, and how much you may already have inside (groceries, passengers, etc.).  If you have a question about how much room might be required for your order.

For Delivered Orders

-Delivery is available at additional cost with your order. All delivered orders must be prepaid.  We will not deliver to tents other than our own, and we do not deliver DIY tent orders for tenting or other goods.

-On site labor for setup and take down of additional items is available on request at an additional cost.

-Weekend events will be delivered on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, and picked up on Monday or Tuesday at our discretion.  Special requests for delivery or pickup time will be charged at red label rates

-Please count all items carefully upon delivery.  You agree to pay replacement cost for any shortages or damage to rental goods.  A security deposit will be held on orders to cover minor shortages or unanticipated labor.  This may not cover your full liability in the case of excessive damage or unanticipated labor, abuse, misuse or negligence.  Many rental items include safety and oeprating directions for their proper and safe use.  Please read them carefully.

-All rental goods must be left in the same location as dropped off for our pickup crew.  Please DO NOT stack items on the outer edge of tenting, or outside the tent where they might be exposed to weather.  It is your responsibility to keep all items in your possession dry and safe.  You will be responsible for additional labor charges if they are wet or damp on pick up.

-All items must be ready for pickup as scheduled to avoid labor charges of $65 per man hour.  Pick ups begin at 8:00am on Monday unless otherwise arranged.  All site cleanup must be done by this time.

-Our standard delivery price is based on tail-gate delivery and pickup.  By this agreement you consent to let us drive on you lawn, place stakes on the lawn or driveway.  And hold us harmless for any property damage.  Our crew will work to the best of their ability to deliver and install your order in a professional and workman-like manner.  We are not responsible for tent stake holes, tire tracks, or incidental damage.  If we can not easily and safely drive to the location or do not have permission to do so, there will be an additional charge of $65 per man hour for labor to carry rental goods.  Setup location and interior lay-out should be pre-determined by the customer.  Please plan to be on-site for setup and last minute decisions.  If you are not present, Taylor Rental will not be held responsible for decisions made in your absence.  You agree to pay for changes made to the order after delivery and installation.

Tented Orders
-Unless otherwise arraigned prior to delivery cooking is not allowed underneath or within 50′ of tenting.
-No items may be hung from or placed on the tent canvas.  Dyes from many paper items, decorations, or even flowers can stain the material that the canvas is made out of.
-Tents are considered temporary structures,  Taylor Rental is not responsible for any act of God or other unforeseen complication to include high wind, water or soil conditions, weather related delays, fallen trees or other conditions which make tent installation or tent use unsafe.  In the case of severe conditions, Taylor Rental reserves the right to take down or not deliver rental items if the situation is deemed unsafe,  the renter should have alternative plans to cover this unlikely possibility.
-Code Required Permits, or additional insurance is the responsibility of the renter unless otherwise arranged.