Cost Effective alternative to DJ’s

So you’re planning your event. You’ve got the food. You know where you’re having it. Your guest list is all made out, and you’re thinking about entertainment. Everyone loves a band, but that’s too far out of your budget. So your left thinking about a DJ, but they are still expensive and trying to find one with the right personality who won’t take over your event can be daunting at times. Let me suggest an easy and much cheaper alternative. DJ your event yourself.

Ok I know that may almost sound more daunting than trying to find someone, but it is actually really easy. Read on….. we’ve got an answer! I mean, who knows what kind of music you and your friends like better than you, right? Where to start?

First, give your friendly local rental agency (yes that’s us) a call and ask about our Fender Portable Music System, PD-250. This unit comes with everything you need; amp, speakers, microphone (to make speeches, announcements or heckle your guests), and all the adapters to plug into the most common devices. Sound quality? Oh yea, it pushes an amazingly clear 250 watts of power.  And yes, it even has a built in CD player for those like me that still have a massive collection of compact discs. The best part? We promise you don’t need to be a tech wiz to operate it. Everything is color coded for easy assembly and it comes with a set of written instructions. In fact, come on in and we’ll demonstrate it for you! Best of all, the unit is compact for transport….. it all snaps together and it packs down so tight it will even fit in the back of a smart car with loads of room to spare.

Now pull out your computer, I-pod, or smart phone and open up that massive music folder you have sitting there and just start picking your favorite songs. Don’t have that much music yourself? Most people have one good friend that has everything, so ask them for a hand. Once you have your playlist together, save it all on one portable device like a laptop, ipod, or even your phone (it always a good idea to have a backup as well) and get ready to party!

Now I will be the first to admit I am a bit of an audio nerd, and I was hesitant when we demoed the first of these units as to the sound clarity, and power that they would produce. Simply put, I have been blown away. They have met and exceeded all of my expectations. Couple this system with some of our Razz disco lights and it’s a good as or better than the expensive alternative!

So when you are sitting down thinking about your next event and looking at your options, why not think about saving some money, DJ’ing it yourself, and having some fun in the process.