Cost Effective alternative to DJ’s

So you’re planning your event. You’ve got the food. You know where you’re having it. Your guest list is all made out, and you’re thinking about entertainment. Everyone loves a band, but that’s too far out of your budget. So your left thinking about a DJ, but they are still expensive and trying to find one with the right personality who won’t take over your event can be daunting at times. Let me suggest an easy and much cheaper alternative. DJ your event yourself.

Ok I know that may almost sound more daunting than trying to find someone, but it is actually really easy. Read on….. we’ve got an answer! I mean, who knows what kind of music you and your friends like better than you, right? Where to start?

First, give your friendly local rental agency (yes that’s us) a call and ask about our Fender Portable Music System, PD-250. This unit comes with everything you need; amp, speakers, microphone (to make speeches, announcements or heckle your guests), and all the adapters to plug into the most common devices. Sound quality? Oh yea, it pushes an amazingly clear 250 watts of power.  And yes, it even has a built in CD player for those like me that still have a massive collection of compact discs. The best part? We promise you don’t need to be a tech wiz to operate it. Everything is color coded for easy assembly and it comes with a set of written instructions. In fact, come on in and we’ll demonstrate it for you! Best of all, the unit is compact for transport….. it all snaps together and it packs down so tight it will even fit in the back of a smart car with loads of room to spare.

Now pull out your computer, I-pod, or smart phone and open up that massive music folder you have sitting there and just start picking your favorite songs. Don’t have that much music yourself? Most people have one good friend that has everything, so ask them for a hand. Once you have your playlist together, save it all on one portable device like a laptop, ipod, or even your phone (it always a good idea to have a backup as well) and get ready to party!

Now I will be the first to admit I am a bit of an audio nerd, and I was hesitant when we demoed the first of these units as to the sound clarity, and power that they would produce. Simply put, I have been blown away. They have met and exceeded all of my expectations. Couple this system with some of our Razz disco lights and it’s a good as or better than the expensive alternative!

So when you are sitting down thinking about your next event and looking at your options, why not think about saving some money, DJ’ing it yourself, and having some fun in the process.

Tips and advice to planning your perfect outdoor/ backyard wedding

The stuff everyone should know….. Look for more to follow

 Work out your budget/ guest list

Set yourself a realistic budget based on your guest list.  This will help you not only concentrate your thoughts but it will also help you to know where you can save and areas where you can splurge a little.  Things that are variable per guest affect the total price of the event differently than costs that are a bit more fixed.  A rough guest list will allow you to begin to plan sizing needs for both ceremony and reception as well as help you to focus on the overall differences in costs on different catering options (ie. Sit down vs. buffet, or a full bar vs wine/beer and perhaps a specialty cocktail).  A good rule of thumb is to figure on about 80% of the people invited will be able to make your event for one reason or another.  That number tends to be higher with larger families and the closer people live, likewise less if many people are traveling a great distance.


Find a venue for your ceremony and reception

Backyard weddings are a great way to save money on the venue space.  First do you or your family/friends have an area big enough for your wedding? You must think about your guest list and about what type of reception you would like to have. Plated dinner or a buffet?  Informal barbeque food or Passed hors d’oeuvres and cocktail bar?  Each type of reception comes with different capacities.  Will you also be hosting your ceremony at the same location as well, or just the reception?  Generally more space is needed if you’re hosting both at the same spot.  Talk to a rental company or a catering company—yes, we can help answer these questions!—before you make this decision.  We can make suggestions as to  how much space you will need to set up tables, booths and a dance floor to accommodate your guest count, and will try to give you different options that best meet your visions and space.

Getting your team lined up

Getting a strong good working team is a key part of any successful endeavor, whether it’s a run at the final four or planning your big day.  Make sure that whoever you choose is knowledgeable in not only what they do, but doing it in your set of circumstances and within  your budget.  More than once I have seen great restaurants struggle with off site events because they find themselves  outside of their normal operating environment.  So whether it’s a caterer, photographer, or your DJ/band make sure they know what they have to do in your situation and that you’re comfortable that they can manage it.

-Photographer / Videographer
-Floral Designer
-Cake Designer
-DJ/ Entertainment

Arrange hotel room blocks for out-of- town guests

If you have numerous people coming from out of town it’s always a good idea to try to arrange a block of rooms at a local hotel you are comfortable with for out of town guests.  Or at a minimum give them a list of reputable area options.  Unfortunately options in the northwest corner of Connecticut are limited and early planning on certain weekends can help immensely.


Rehearsal dinner / Brunch following

With a backyard wedding, the possibilities for your event are endless.  Remember that our rentals are priced by the event, not by the day.  Consider planning your rehearsal dinner at the reception site the evening before.  Use the tables and chairs, tenting and more for no extra cost!  Many of the people that will be invited to your rehearsal have helped in many ways to make the next day special.  Take this opportunity to not only say thank you for their hard work and support but to be able to enjoy their company in a relaxed setting.   Many area caterers and restaurants offer people the ability to pickup pre-cooked items in serving trays that make an easy and economical way for you to host this event in a relaxing manner.  You might also consider having close friends or family back the next day to relax together before going home with a quick brunch or cookout.  We will schedule our deliveries and pick up schedule to work with your plans.


Personalize it

One of the nicest parts of having an event like this is that you can truly make it your own.  In over 25 years of working in the event rental industry I have never done two outdoor weddings that were exactly the same.   From simple things like location or linen coloring to expansive décor or lighting, the ability to put our personality  into an event makes for a lasting impression that everyone in attendance will remember for years to come.  Visit our website, Pintrest, and other wedding planning sources and see what moves you.  Is it a Victorian Garden wedding, a country western theme, or an elegant budget friendly event, there are so many things you can do to make the day your own.

New Years Resolutions

Every year we make them, and its that time, so here we go.

 1- I’d really like to get several projects done at home. I’m thinking about re-doing some plumbing (we’ve got the tools here at Taylor) and laying tile in my mud room (wet tile saw, check.  Floor sander to remove the old glue, check.)  If I get really lucky, the ceiling in my kitchen will be painted (scaffolding, check! Its tall!) .

2- This year, I am going to  have that BIG party I’ve been planning for years.  Maybe it won’t happen because we are too busy doing YOUR parties, but we have so much to celebrate in our lives, and I think that its high time we do so!  Of course I’m going to have a beautiful party tent, one of our CD/MP3/Laptop sound systems, a big grill, definitely a popcorn machine, tables and chairs, some funky lights, and absolutely those racing ponies!  A girl can dream right?   What do you have to celebrate next year?  Keep our website in mind to help you plan your perfect event.

3- I will make sure that you, our customers, are kept aware of the latest and greatest tools we’ve added to our inventory to help you meet your project needs. We are looking at some great stuff……we’ll see what Santa brings.

4- Then there’s all the organizing stuff…. keeping it organized, keeping tidy both here and at home.  Out with the old, in with the new!  We’ve often been complimented by customers by the look of our store.  We use a lot of our rental tools to keep it bright and shining. filled with helpful hints…..and we’re glad you noticed….. and we try to keep our party area seasonal to inspire your creativity.

 5- And finally, our resolution to you. It has been our goal for 23 years to provide Top quality rental equipment, ready for you when you need it, with smiling and helpful assistance at a fair price.  We’ll work even harder in 2015 to keep it so.

 Thank you for your business, for taking the time to stop in just to say hi as so many of you do, and for being our loyal customers over the years.  We are your small town rental home, serving party and tool/equipment rental needs for Northwest Connecticut since 1968.  We are here to serve you 7 days a week.  Thank you for making Taylor your rental provider.

Holiday Celebrations

Well the season is upon us, and what with everything one has to do, planning an event or family get together, whether large or small, can be stressful.  Think of renting what you need this year…here are some suggestions for how renting can make your party one everyone can enjoy….the host or hostess included!

We have color.  Linens in Christmas Reds and Festive Greens, Hannukah Blues, and Celebratory season shades.  Go beyond plain, and add a table runner, plaid cloth, festive sparkles or satins to really make your event table shine.  Please remember that not every color is in stock here in every size, but with at least a week’s notice we can have them there for you from our east coast warehouse.

Glasses come in every shape and size, and we have them for rental.  Even specialty punches, nogs and coffees!  And don’t forget the Champagne Flutes to toast in the New Year!

Why worry about your good china…..or try to mix and match to get the right number?  Same with flatware?  We’ve got options for each, and it all comes sterilized and ready for your use.

Oh, and tables in all sizes, chairs, and everything you need to serve from bowls and trays to chafers and utensils and punch bowls and, well, you name it!  Coffeemakers, CHOCOLATE FOUNTAINS!! Champagne fountains….the list goes on and on.

Brrrrr….. Winter Emergencies! Winter Projects!

It feels like winter is moving in to our hills, so here we go again.  Power goes out…..we’ve got generators!  Pipes freeze?  We’ve got the coolest tool ever, the electric pipe thawer!  Betcha didn’t know they made those?!  Large buildings or construction projects may need extra heat (check…) and we’ve got the propane to fire those burners.

Winter also makes us move inside to projects we put off all summer.  Flooring to sand ….. we’ve got the right tools, and if you mention you read this here, we’ll give you an additional 20% off the rental cost to boot on all floor sanders!  We carry all the supplies for floor sanding projects….paper, top quality urethanes, dust masks, applicators, you name it.

Tiles to lay?   Don’t forget our wet tile saws INCLUDE rental on the diamond blade at no additional charge.  We have saws that will do up to a 24” cut!

Don’t forget  cleaning and buffing….. carpet cleaners, upholstery cleaners, and

Few people know about our exciting smaller sized floor cleaner.   It’s the perfect tool for getting into floor grout and textured tiles and really getting the job done right.  It does it all, scrubs, and vacs, and leaves your floor looking new.  So clean up and shine up…..we can help.

Oh, and wall paper steamers to make a nasty job go easier.


Congratulations to 2 of our staff!  Stephen Houk, our Assistant Manager has just earned his C.E.R.P. (Certified Event Rental Professional) Designation from the American Rental Association.  This program is designed for rental professionals to increase their knowledge set on various specialty areas within the field of party rentals.  Only a handful of candidates earn this distinction each year which includes not only course work, but active involvement in state and national American Rental Association programs and leadership roles.  Steve has served as our Connecticut State Association President, and has three times been selected to attend the National Legislative Caucus in Washington DC, and served on the National Legislative Board for the ARA, its youngest member ever.  Quite an accomplishment for a young professional!

Timothy Houk, a recent Wamogo High School Graduate, was one of 15 National Scholarship winners from the American Rental Association Foundation’s annual scholarship program.  Tim will use his award to continue his business and natural resources education this fall.  Tim has literally grown up at Taylor Rental.  Some people might remember Tim as the little baby running around the store 17 yeasr ago.  Now he’s helping customers, setting tents, and repairing equipment with the best of them.  Congratulations to him.

Summer Musings

All winter we sit at home and think about what we’ll do when the weather gets nicer.  Well here we are, its summer….just a few suggestions for you!

Roofing nailers, Ladder Lifts for getting the roof repairs done before the white stuff re-appears.

Airless Paint Sprayers to knock off those big barn or house painting jobs.

Pressure Washers to clean the house, prep for painting, or clean up the deck.

Deck Sanders to remove old paint or get rid of those nasty splinters.

-Both extended reach and regular Hedge Trimmers and Chain Saws to tame those unruly bushes and trees,  and Wood Chippers to turn your trimmings into beneficial chips.

Ladders and Scaffolding to reach those high places.

And a BIG party to celebrate when you’re done making the place look amazing.

Take a stroll through our website and discover the many ways we can work with you to make your project ideas a reality,  And Thank you for choosing Taylor as your rental source.  We’re here to serve you every day of the week (but only ‘till noon on Sunday) with professional tools and handy advice.  We’ve been doing it since 1968 here in our hills.

Welcome Spring! It’s finally here!

Welcome Spring!  We are so happy to see you we can’t stand it!  I think this year I’ll even be happy to have spring allergies!  That’s just how glad I am.  This blog is about all the ways we can help you create the yard you’ve always dreamed of!

My yard looks like aliens have attacked.  Crop circles of winter killed grass, plow “stuff”is all over the lawn along the road, tree damage needs attention, my deck needs cleaning and sanding, I’ve got mold on the roof, the pool needs cleaning….AHHHHH!!!!  But wait!  There’s a tool for every job,  and its waiting for you at Taylor Rental.  Here’s a quick list.  What do you need?

 -Tractor with York Rake to grade my driveway (or put down new stone?).  Check out of line of Kuboda tractors!

We’ve got Ride on Static Rollers, Tow Behind and push Lawn Rollers to flatten those yard frost heaves.

Compactor to re-level the brick walks and patio, or to set that new stone in the driveway.

Oh, the Lawn!  What do we do with that?

Areator to open the soil to allow nutrients to go through the soil.

Thatcher (some call it a de-thatcher, which is in fact what it does…remove that  dead          grass buildup)  That’ll clean it up and let the good grass grow!

Power Brooms Which both groom the lawn, and the big walk behind units which by default remove much of the thatch as well.  The lawn will thank you.

Overseeders to cut slits in the soil and drops in seed, foiling the birds, and giving the seed good ground contact to ensure germination.

Rear tillers To remove the really bad sections of lawn and start anew…. Or

Sod Cutters To remove the old sod, roots and all to renew, or create a grass free garden.

Oh My!  What a lot of options!

Pressure Washers will be very busy cleaning off the remains of winter, sprucing up the deck and house…..and don’t forget, try a square buff sander on that deck when you are done to prep for painting or re-sealing with a clean surface.  We’ve got pumps of all sizes to remove water from your pool cover (or basement if it pours.  Yikes!).

These are just a few of the many options to consider when sitting on the patio during these early spring days.  Let us help get your yard and home into shape for a summer of fun!

Ok, Sadly, the groundhog was right.

Okay, sadly the groundhog was right.  Six very long weeks from Feb 2 brings us to March 16.  Winter’s grip will be loosening soon.  It’s time to start thinking spring in a big way!  I’m starting my tomato seeds on the 16th.  That will be my celebration of what is to come.  I’m also starting to get together a to-do list for spring chores, fixing winter damage to trees and lawns,  roofs and siding.  So here we go….

I’m ready for the outdoors!  After our long Northwest CT winter, We’ll be power brooming or thatching the yard, overseeding and fertailizing to get the lawn off to a good start.  We’ve been prepping our spring tools in anticipation of your needs.  Thatcher tines and overseeder blades are replaced, power brooms are ready to fly.  Tree Damage?  Shrubs took a beating?  We’ve got gas or electric hedge trimmers, pole and chain saws, even extended trimmers and saws to help you clean out the damaged branches and let them fill out properly.  My windows need a really good washing…. how about yours?  We’ve got ladders of all types and scaffolding to help you reach them. Pressure Washers and deck sanders will be getting busy, prepping your outdoor living space for summer entertaining.  And if the winter was tough on your roof, we rent ladder lifts to get the shingles up there, roofing nailers to speed the job, and magnetic brooms to help find errant nails after the job is done.  And of course, there are gardens to till.  Check out our top quality line of tillers….we think you’ll be impressed!

And looking ahead to summer, don’t forget to reserve your graduation and wedding rentals early!  Memorial Day is May 26….That first big party weekend to kick the season off is always busy here!  We rent tents for every budget, tables and chairs, bounce castles, grills and pig roasters…. everything you need to celebrate!  Reservations are always suggested. 

I’m planning on celebrating spring.  How about you?